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We look at some of the misconceptions surrounding being a club/bar DJ and share some tips to help you be more effective with those events.

Misconceptions about being a club DJ
1. I need to have a cool DJ Name, I can’t use my real name
2. I need to look very cool and trendy
3. I need a big following on social media
4. I need to be BIG on the microphone
5. I only need to know my favorite style of music (genre)
6. Taking requests is never a good idea
7. The louder it is, the better guests like it
8. Other DJs are just there trying to steal my ideas and take my job
9. It won’t matter if I treat the guests like crap when they come up and try to make requests
10. Women in club DJs jobs make way more money
11. I am a better DJ when I drink

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