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Recently I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine talking about problems at an event he performed at recently. As entertainers, we know that starting off on the wrong foot at an event can be difficult at best to overcome.
If you are stressed about your gear or working with that photographer that you don’t get along with very well…it can easily affect your performance with that couple and their guests if you let it.
In this scenario, the bride and groom had a Friday wedding ceremony scheduled for 6:30pm, full Catholic mass and told him they would be at the reception facility at 7:30 pm at the latest. Now…we all know that everything doesn’t always go as planned on a wedding day, and that day was no different. The bride and groom ended up not showing up at the reception hall until 8pm, dinner was late and guests who did not attend the ceremony were left wondering why dinner was over a half hour late.
The event's overall success was altered from the very start because the bride and groom didn’t have a trusted advisor working with them to ensure a successful outcome to their event. Most couples have never been married before and are between the ages of 21 and 29 when they first get married. A young woman from this demographic gets engaged and suddenly she’s in charge of planning her first FIVE-FIGURE party. It’s no wonder that entertainment is not high on her list of priorities because everything so far in her life has been about remembering through a photograph or fashion in a magazine or TV show through college.
Most of brides thrown in this situation have no idea where to start….much less where to place priorities, without having the foresight to see how their uninformed decisions will impact their party.
So Mitch….how does this relate to sales? Easy. First…THINK ABOUT THIS. What do you sell? When you meet or talk with a client for the first time….what do you talk about? Do you tell them you’ll show up before the event at least an hour prior….you send out 2 DJs for every event and that you play music for six hours for only $XXXX? If that’s the case…you’re selling a product, not a service. We’ll even take it one step further in a moment, first ask yourself if the following scenario sounds familiar.
I performed a reception back in the 90s where I, nor anyone else, was helping the bride see the mistakes she was making with the flow of her wedding day. The couple decided it would be a good idea to take a horse-drawn carriage from their ceremony to their reception site.. They neglected to think about how LONG it would take to go from their ceremony to the reception site (5 miles away) in city traffic on a Friday night at 6pm! Dinner was supposed to be served at 7pm, which didn’t happen until 8pm due to this oversight by the young couple planning their only wedding.
If you truly want to help your clients and your bottom line….shift your focus. Don’t offer products….don’t offer a service….offer SOLUTIONS. When you shift your focus to a SOLUTION base, you become a resource to your clients. You position yourself as an expert in your field and clients will have more respect for you and what you offer. You’ll connect better with your clients, you’ll have more satisfaction with your work, your referrals will grow and you will improve your bottom line. Remember, your clients may be looking for a DJ…provide them with more….a SOLUTION to their entertainment problem with their event. This one small shift in thinking, from product focused to solution focused, can have a BIG impact on your clients overall success of their event…and your company's success.

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