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As we conclude 2007 and move into 2008, it is a great time to re-evaluate not only your business, but also your personal life.
“I HATE that!” might be the common cry from those in the disc jockey industry as we ask them to take time to have a hard look at themselves. It is much easier to get busy in the day to day, gig to gig, contract to contract lifestyle that working for yourself in entertainment business tends to offer.
But, let’s put things aside for just a minute on the business front, and look at you.
How is your personal life? Are you making time for friends and family? Do you spend more time in front of a computer on a chat board than watching your children play?
Do your children cringe when ‘Mom is on the computer again” or when ‘Dad has another DJ call?’
Will their memories from their youth be of you staring at the computer and them getting a great view of the back of your head?
Ah yes, this same computer that can make our lives easier and help in so many ways, is just like a very sharp knife. If used well, it is a great tool. If not used well, it can cause serious damage.
One thing I have found with working more and more on the computer is the number of things that now pop up that are ‘urgent’. The initial plan was to just jump on the computer to check email quickly and get to the family activity. But, someone emailed with a question. Now, the question may or may not be critical, but we tend to make that email urgent and answer quickly (heavens, how could we delay a reply to an email in this day and age!) Hence, our initial plan is steered off course as a short email check becomes something that might take research or some sort of generated documentation which certainly wasn’t in the plans and now has delayed or eliminated personal time.
“But, I have to make money!” True. We all have to put food on the table. But, if your table is a collection of strangers who just happen to share you last name and address… maybe you need to re-evaluate a few things.
We have so lost the idea of what is important in life. Would the world really have stopped if we either didn’t check email or the chat board one more time that evening? We have come to the place in our society where people have up the ‘urgent’ need to reply to a post on a chatboard or a question on a email after hours ahead of their real life. I can remember when it used to take a day in most cases for people to reply to your business related emailed questions. Now, I am amazed at the number of professional people that are answering emails during their own personal time instead of living life.
This is a great time of year to set some new boundaries. Maybe for you, it means no more business related work after a certain time a day. Maybe it means just cutting back your hours away from those you love.
Or, maybe you just need to slow your spinning wheels down, narrow your focus, and define what is really important in your life. If you define and focus on the important parts, the rest is easy!

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