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The first time I ever talked to Scott he said: “Matt, my average current client is worth between $1-3m. I want to get that to $5m by the end of the year. Can you help me?”

Scott took consistent action to make this goal happen: he created a power habit about asking 5 people per week for meetings or introductions to people in the $5m+ market. He made changes to where he networked and met people. But the FIRST thing I asked Scott was:
What type of person do you need to BE this year to achieve such a breakthrough?

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Looking back in his own words, here’s how he described his path:
“Honestly, it was a progressive evolution where I went from focusing on a) anything to b) >$3m to c) >$5m, etc. With your help, I continued to develop my skillset and decided to focus on the UHNW (>$10m) where my skillset resonates.”

Within seven years, Scott’s average client was worth $50m.

What mindset/identity shift made this possible?
= “I am the type of person who is increasingly upmarket”

Previously, I urged you to answer the question:
What breakthroughs do I want this year?
If you haven’t done that yet, it’s an exciting and inspiring list to create.

(Hang on! Avoid the mistake of immediately taking lots of action. That comes second.)

Your next step is to ask:
What type of person do I need to BE this year to achieve these breakthroughs?

Just like with Scott, FIRST, you must get your brain on board right away. WHY? If you continue to see yourself as the same type of person as you were last year, your brain will NOT buy into your desired outcomes and will talk you out of making change painfully quickly.

This is why new year’s resolutions fail most of the time.

What type of person do you need to BE this year to achieve the breakthroughs you really want?

Before you can have something, first you must BE something. What type of person do you need to be?

Feel free to list as many traits and skills here as you want.
However, select the top TWO identities to focus on first. More than two and you’re chasing too many rabbits. You may find that quite quickly you are ready to move onto a different identity on your list or you may see, like Scott, that persisting with a really powerful and pivotal one can make all the difference. Experiment. It’s okay!

Your destination is to change how you see yourself over time – to change your identity and move away from “I am the type of person who can’t…” to:
“I am a consistently healthy person”
“I am an increasingly effective and consistent prospector”
“I am increasingly taking responsibility for every area of my life”

Do not skip this step in your race to grow in 2022. Your conscious thinking (3-5% of the actions you take) and your subconscious mind (the other 95% of the actions you take) need to be on your team otherwise sadly you’ll find yourself unwittingly making the same mistakes you made last year and the year before that!

Keep your new identities highly visible throughout your day/week so they stay on your mind. For a few people, the new identity is all they need to change and grow. For most people, there is more to it, and I’ll address other steps to enjoying breakthroughs this year in future weeks.

To being your best!
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