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I had a chance to give my upcoming presentation for ARMDJ’s “Creative Consultations – Opening to Closing” at my local ADJA chapter just last week. We had a new member join, and it was a great experience I was pleased to receive an email from him the next day stating that the presentation I gave that night was worth more than his ADJA membership.
However…one thing struck me about what he said. “During the presentation…the message you gave that our target client isn’t only a person with a checkbook hit home to me. I’ve performed a heavy metal reception before that just did not go well and I didn’t enjoy it.”
He thanked me for the fresh perspective and I thought I would share that with you for this month’s column.
Who is your target client? Like the DJ that messaged me, most think it’s someone with a checkbook and the ability to pay for your services.
Is it? Or is it someone more than that? I would suggest that it’s someone more than that. How? Here it is.
If you have just a few, go back through all of the clients that you performed for last year or over the last several years. Grab a pen and paper and start writing down the questions to these questions.
Who did you enjoy performing for the most?
What about them made you truly happy to perform their event and play for their family and friends?
Where do they work?
Where do they live?
Where have they lived throughout their life?
How old are they?
Did they come from a big family or a small family?
Were they college or high-school educated?
What was/is their life experience?
Where do their kids go to school?
What are their hobbies?
What do their parents do?
Were their guests’ partiers, drinkers, dancers?
Where did they have their event?
Who were their other vendors?
When did they book with you?
Why did they book with you?
What was it about them that set them apart from all of the other parties that you performed that made you think of them just now?
Congratulations! You just wrote EXACTLY who your target client is! Your target clients are the people you do your best work for, which you enjoy the most, and the types of people that you want to work with again.
Now….how do you reach those people? How do you get them the information you are available for them the next time they need quality entertainment? What’s the key to fishing? Go where the fish are.
The first action is to go back to your past target clients and find out where they found you from. Was it from a bridal show? Did they come from your recent print ad in the paper or magazine? Did they find you on Facebook or was it a referral from yet another past client of yours? Wherever they found you….focus your marketing and advertising efforts there. It’s a great place to start and will pay dividends to you in the form of happy clients and worthwhile sales and marketing efforts!

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