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Whats up, whats up what up everyone! In this video, I address how I answer is it Worth it or a Waste – my honest thoughts around the world of Online Wedding Industry Advertising Resource Sites. I have been a long-time top-tier supporter of all forms of marketing my entertainment business known as the SCE Event Group and have worked incredibly hard to have the most reviews in the entertainment industry on some of these platforms in my area and in comparison to many companies in the world. I get asked all the time, is it worth it, is it a waste, why do you do it, I try to address this all in this video for your review.

0:00 – intro
0:32 – My questions
2:00 – Question 1
3:00 – Question 2
3:30 – Question 3


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I am sharing lessons, situations and real-deal experiences that I have personally been exposed to here as a Dj and Entertainment company owner in the event industry of now just about 20 years.

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