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This is less “Drunk Girl” & more like the Greatest Hits from the rude girl at a High School Dance:
That girl in the Bachelorette party who HAD to have used a fake ID to get in the club last night:
8:45 PM
– Can you serenade The Bride?
Well, I’m the DJ & I don’t sing.
-Do You have any ideas?
About what?
-Someone serenading her
Well, I could play a song for her.
-(walks away)
9:20 PM
-Can you turn it up & play Pitbull next?
Well, people are eating dinner right now. Can you wait until after 10:00? That’s when we switch it over to club, turn the lights down I turn up the music.
-(walks away)
10:20 PM
-Can you take this song off & play Taylor Swift Cruel Summer instead?
-But you have to
No I don’t
Well, this is someone else’s request & they are dancing to it.
-(walks away)
11:00 PM
-Can you play California Gurls?
-Can you play it right now?
I’m playing other requests right now. Give me a couple songs & I’ll work it in.
-So you can’t just play it right now?
I’m not a Jukebox, kid
-(walks away)
-I don’t like this. Can you change this music?
-(walks away