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Your Pandemic Fatigue Buster List

Last week I wrote about the frustrations of having to live with the rather endless-feeling Pandemic and eight constructive things we can do about it.

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One of those was:

Start a Pandemic Fatigue Buster List

This is your resourceful list of ways to get your head and spirit back on track. Remember: you change best when you feel good, not when you feel badly. Here’s mine if it helps give you some ideas. I add to it from time to time. I’d love to hear what helps you!

Obsess about my Breakthrough Goal
Text/call a friend or my sister
Exercise first thing in the morning
Peanut butter Perfect Bars
Glass of wine or beer
Learning – reading or listening to something inspiring or useful
Writing out my goals
Staring at my vision board
Hugging my kids or telling them I love them
Playing a favourite tune
Lying on the bed and doing box breathing
Visualising at night to a Deepak Chopra meditation
Working on a project that excites me
Hearing from clients about successes
Focusing on automated habits I have added in the past 2 years (for me, this is proof I can change
Being in nature, breathing in the air
Doing things that provide better for my family
Investing money
Moving business opportunities forward
Hitting my prospecting points targets each week
Fussing the cat
Gratitude practice
Evening question: 5 things I did right today
Asserting to people what I know makes a big difference
Revisiting photos from past fun times or that remind me of past accomplishments
Stretching myself further with a new physical or work challenge
Brainstorm adventures to go on soon and in the future
Escape with a good piece of fiction
Watch a detective program/film with my wife
Go for a walk or bike ride
Read to my kids

Ask myself a better question:
What would be fun to do right now?
What would make today much more enjoyable?
What would be an exciting project to work on right now?
What would make me proud of myself?
What would move me towards one of my goals right now?
WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE (and get the focus off me)?

Checking the news
Social media
Certain people (I know who they are!)
Trying to be perfect

As I reflected last week, the real point to dealing with Pandemic Fatigue, as with any other season in your life, is to focus on the things you can control and not the things you cannot; to focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.

All feedback on this appreciated. You are not alone!!!

Please share this with someone you think might appreciate it – even if you’re not sure.

To resilience and optimism!
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